The cities power company (we only have one) just increased everyone’s bill by about 15%. Many people are outraged and took to the companies building to protest. Protest is fine, unfortunately, we have those who take it upon themselves to take it too far. One gentleman started breaking windows. Before I get flamed, take this […]

Sorry for not having many new posts. Long time before any fun stuff happens, and longer till I have time to post it!   This evening I received a call from my CO saying all local high ranking officers were needed. So I got in my suburban and headed down town with lights and sirens. […]

(Out of respect, anonymity will be used) My buddy from HS, Anthony, passed this past morning. He was a great guy, and a good friend. It is really saddening to see you gone. Id rather it be me than you, you were such a great person. Im thinking about you and your family. I hope […]

On Saturday, the 15th, I was on duty on a night time shift. That being 8pm to 4am. Around about 1am I was just sitting in my regular spot looking for speeders when a vehicle flies by at approx 128 mph. So I proceeded to pull him over once I caught up, and got prepared […]

My name is Justin McBride and I am a Law Enforcement Officer from Floyd County, TX. I became interested in law enforcement after a few traumatic moments in my life and I felt it the best way I could give back to such a helpful community. I went to south Plains for Law Enforcement and […]